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Nebraska Home Appliance provides expert Whirlpool appliance repair to the greater Omaha area.

Whirlpool Appliances Serviced

Undercounter Refrigerators
Ice Makers
Beverage and Wine Centers
Wall Ovens
Factory Trained, Decades of Experience

Though we choose not to be a warranty repair service for Whirlpool, this is no reflection on our expertise or the ease with which we repair Whirlpool appliances. We are factory trained by Whirlpool, receive all their tech bulletins and service literature, and have decades of experience working on their entire range of products.

 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee
Why factory certified parts?

Thanks to our parts counter, we are the best-stocked service company in the area, carrying a full-line of factory certified Whirlpool parts at our warehouse. Your technician will stock his truck with relevant Whirlpool parts before your service call, and, 4 times out of 5, he’ll be able to repair your Whirlpool appliance on the first visit.

 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee

Our Hometown Hero Code

Respect For Our Craft
Despite decades of experience repairing refrigeration, cleaning, cooking, and laundry appliances, our techs continue to train so they can handle the next generation of appliances as expertly and efficiently.

Respect For Your Time
We offer same or next-day service in most cases, and provide updates on how close your tech is the day of your appointment. Once the tech is there, his expertise allows for quick diagnoses and efficient repairs.

Respect For Your Home
When in your home, our tech will wear booties, gloves, and use protective coverings to keep your home and appliances looking beautiful. All of our repairs are guaranteed to last, as we do not stand for temporary workarounds.

Respect For You
Our friendly staff always act with professionalism and integrity. After inspecting your appliance, our tech will explain exactly what’s wrong and provide an honest assessment of what it will take to fix, including a quote that’s fairly-priced.

We serviced a
Model WFW92HEF20
Near Omaha, NE 68116
Job Details: 06/17/2021
"Started washer. Found pump running, but water having difficulty leaving machine. Quoted customer to disassemble unit and remove debris from housing, and customer approved. Disassembled and emptied significant accumulation of debris from pump housing. Reassembled machine and tested operation. Washer passes all testing and is working properly. Job is complete.; (serial indicated as 'NotAvailable' so system created UIS w/pseudo #)"
We serviced a
Model WRT311FZDW00
Near Omaha, NE 68104
Job Details: 06/17/2021
Customer states freezer has snowy ice in compartment. Door needs adjusted and drain line cleared open; used 1 819043 ( HEAT-PROBE DEF DRAIN) from stock
We serviced a
Model WTW5100VQ0
Near Omaha, NE 68114
Job Details: 06/17/2021
"Customer states that washer does not agitate or move through cycles and that unit leaks from underneath. Ran unit through diagnostics, removed drain pump assembly to look for debris and drain pump test good. Ran through test cycle and unit fills, agitates, drains, and spins. During testing after shortly after starting to agitate, transmission started to skip while agitating and during transition to drain and spin, very loud and abrupt stop. Then continued through cycle but still skips. Removed agitator and inspected agitator dogs. Also found leak from drain hose crack underneath washer. Recommend replacing gear case assembly, clutch and drain hose. Repairs approved. Will schedule return visit to install parts. ; ordrng 1 3360629 (Transmission) and 1 WPW10189267 (Drain hose) and 1 285785 (Clutch), dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 285753A COUPLING 1 WP3363394 PUMP WPL/KEN DIR DRV , and 1 WP8318084 SWITCH-LID"
We serviced a
Near Omaha, NE 68157
Job Details: 06/17/2021
"Water pressure was too high and water was jumping back out of the cup. Adjusted the water valve to lower the pressure of the water line to prevent it from happening again. Thank you for choosing Nebraska Home Appliance. Thank you, from your Hometown Hero, Brandon! ; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 W10408179 VALVE-INLT (4389177"
We serviced a
Model DU1055XTVB8
Near Omaha, NE 68138
Job Details: 06/17/2021
"Customer states whirlpool dishwasher is not operating properly. Installed new sump assembly, main and ui board. Also new dispenser assembly. Job complete."
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Professional knowledge able thanks
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
Derek was very professional and helpful.
Overall Experience
Rodney Haferbier
Omaha, Nebraska
Excellent service man will use this company again!
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
He was polite, on time, and got the problem fixed in little to no time at all. I also appreciated that when he was done there wasn’t a mess left behind!
Overall Experience

Fun Fact

Among Whirlpool’s many accomplishments over its 100-year rise to the world’s leading global manufacturer of home appliances, strangest is that NASA contracted with Whirlpool Corporation to develop freeze-dried ice cream in 1968 for the Apollo missions. It’s a small, but delicious taste of the innovation that has made Whirlpool a global giant.