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Nebraska Home Appliance provides expert Whirlpool appliance repair to the greater Omaha area.

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Factory Trained, Decades of Experience

Though we choose not to be a warranty repair service for Whirlpool, this is no reflection on our expertise or the ease with which we repair Whirlpool appliances. We are factory trained by Whirlpool, receive all their tech bulletins and service literature, and have decades of experience working on their entire range of products.

 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee
Why factory certified parts?

Thanks to our parts counter, we are the best-stocked service company in the area, carrying a full-line of factory certified Whirlpool parts at our warehouse. Your technician will stock his truck with relevant Whirlpool parts before your service call, and, 4 times out of 5, he’ll be able to repair your Whirlpool appliance on the first visit.

 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee

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Respect For Our Craft
Despite decades of experience repairing refrigeration, cleaning, cooking, and laundry appliances, our techs continue to train so they can handle the next generation of appliances as expertly and efficiently.

Respect For Your Time
We offer same or next-day service in most cases, and provide updates on how close your tech is the day of your appointment. Once the tech is there, his expertise allows for quick diagnoses and efficient repairs.

Respect For Your Home
When in your home, our tech will wear booties, gloves, and use protective coverings to keep your home and appliances looking beautiful. All of our repairs are guaranteed to last, as we do not stand for temporary workarounds.

Respect For You
Our friendly staff always act with professionalism and integrity. After inspecting your appliance, our tech will explain exactly what’s wrong and provide an honest assessment of what it will take to fix, including a quote that’s fairly-priced.

We serviced a
Model DUL240XTPS9
Near Omaha, NE 68022
Job Details: 01/28/2023
Inspect unit has failing console assembly w10102463 part is discontinued
We serviced a
Model WRF560SEYM00
Near Omaha, NE 68114
Mark F
Job Details: 01/27/2023
"Customer states door wont close and water will leak. Found screw on left tract to have been backed out causing door to not close all the way. After tightening screws found door would still not go back all the way. Found the rollers on both side of the tracks were not aligned. Removed the glides completely and got both rollers to eventually end up even allowing a even seal across the freezer. While freezer door was off, investigates why after was coming out of unit. Removed back wall and found water sitting over top of the drain tube. Removed back panel to get to duck bills. Removed bill and water came rushing out of drain tube. Found the duck bills to be completely clogged. Cleaned out duck bills and reinstalled. Customer also stated their ice maker had broke. Removed the ice maker and found the wire and fill coupling to be broken off of the back auger. Was able to get the rousing mold to sit on ice maker. Tested I/m. Unit went for a full cycle and called for water. Customer has the water to fridge shut off currently. Informed customer to monitor ice maker if they decide to turn water back on to the unit."
We serviced a
Model WRF736SDAM14
Near Valley, NE 68064
Job Details: 01/27/2023
Inspect unit has failing ice maker error code when in diagnostics gave est to replace customer ok install new 24 hours for ice ; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 W11579560 ICEMKR and 1 WPW10341329 VLV
We serviced a
Near Omaha, NE 68105
Job Details: 01/27/2023
Installed new water valve unit tests ok. Job complete
We serviced a
Model CAE2743BQ0
Near Omaha, NE 68117
Job Details: 01/27/2023
"Customer states unit is not operating properly. Will need to order parts. ; ordrng 1 W11159068 (Gear case), dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 WPW10276397 PUMP"
Tonya Nauslar
Omaha, Nebraska
Shannon is fantastic! He explains everything well, and goes out of his way to make sure I continue being a loyal customer. Thank you, Shannon!
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
Overall Experience
Michael Telpner
La Vista, Nebraska
Very professional, explained everything clearly!
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
Gary was great. Informative and knowledgeable.
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
Loved this repair man. Didn’t take him long and he knew and fixed the problem. Would ask for him again if need repair.
Overall Experience

Fun Fact

Among Whirlpool’s many accomplishments over its 100-year rise to the world’s leading global manufacturer of home appliances, strangest is that NASA contracted with Whirlpool Corporation to develop freeze-dried ice cream in 1968 for the Apollo missions. It’s a small, but delicious taste of the innovation that has made Whirlpool a global giant.