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Nebraska Home Appliance provides expert Maytag appliance repair to the greater Omaha area.

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Factory Trained, Decades of Experience

Though we choose not to be a warranty repair service for Maytag, this is no reflection on our expertise or the ease with which we repair Maytag appliances. We are factory trained by Maytag, receive all their tech bulletins and service literature, and have decades of experience working on their entire range of products.

 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee
Why factory certified parts?

Thanks to our parts counter, we are the best-stocked service company in the area, carrying a full-line of factory certified Maytag parts at our warehouse. Your technician will stock his truck with relevant Maytag parts before your service call, and, 4 times out of 5, he’ll be able to repair your Maytag appliance on the first visit.

 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee 90 Day Labor & Parts Guarantee

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Respect For Our Craft
Despite decades of experience repairing refrigeration, cleaning, cooking, and laundry appliances, our techs continue to train so they can handle the next generation of appliances as expertly and efficiently.

Respect For Your Time
We offer same or next-day service in most cases, and provide updates on how close your tech is the day of your appointment. Once the tech is there, his expertise allows for quick diagnoses and efficient repairs.

Respect For Your Home
When in your home, our tech will wear booties, gloves, and use protective coverings to keep your home and appliances looking beautiful. All of our repairs are guaranteed to last, as we do not stand for temporary workarounds.

Respect For You
Our friendly staff always act with professionalism and integrity. After inspecting your appliance, our tech will explain exactly what’s wrong and provide an honest assessment of what it will take to fix, including a quote that’s fairly-priced.

We serviced a
Near Omaha, NE 68154
Mike F
Job Details: 03/23/2023
"Customer states unit fills and agitates at same time. Started unit on heavy duty and it was filling and agitating at same time. Removed front panel to view timer connections, all look good. Removed agitation delay board, found slight corrosion on connectors, cleared corrosion and reconnected. Agitation delay board is discontinued with no substitute. Cleared pressure hose and chamber. Started unit on heavy duty again, unit began filling, when done filling unit began agitating. Service call collected. Job complete."
We serviced a
Model DE212
Near Bellevue, NE 68005
Mike C
Job Details: 03/23/2023
"Customer complaint of loud noise during operation. Inspection found both roller wheels, failing and rusty. Recommend replacement of two roller wheels and one roller shaft. Estimate for repairs is plus tax. Customer approved repairs. Parts ordered and customer is rescheduled.; ordrng 1 WP6-3129480 (Roller shaft) and 2 12001541 (Roller wheel)s, dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 4392065 DRUM DRIVE KIT (FSP) and 1 4392067 REPAIR-DYR"
We serviced a
Model MDB9959SKZ0
Near Omaha, NE 68105
Mike C
Job Details: 03/22/2023
"Customer complaint of error codes in unit not working. Initial inspection found error codes F9E1, F7E1, FAE2, F8E2. Unit would not progress through drain during diagnostic cycle. Unit would not fill with water. Drive motor would not engage. Customer also found small water leak under unit in drip pan. Was unable to duplicate any of these issues. Recommend replacing sump assembly, vent fan and gasket, and water inlet valve. Estimate for all work is plus tax. customer going to explore new unit. Estimate and service fee will be good for 30 days. Jack complete."
We serviced a
Model MFI2269FRZ02
Near Omaha, NE 68135
Job Details: 03/22/2023
Arrived at unit customer not there father there has pre written check for service call of 115 inspect unit 36 in fridge 0 in freezer tried ice maker has failed there is a update style for this model water that includes updated ice maker and wire harness noise ice maker is w10882923 ; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 W10882923 ICEMAKER
We serviced a
Model MHW5100DW0
Near Fort Calhoun, NE 68023
Job Details: 03/22/2023
"Customer states unit begins cycle and wont proceed, control board needs replaced ; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 WPW10448876 PRESSURE SENSOR and 1 WPW10605427 DRAIN PUMP WATER"
Omaha, Nebraska
Overall Experience
Louisville, Nebraska
Prompt, polite, friendly, knowledgeable.
Overall Experience
Karen Wiedel
Omaha, Nebraska
Overall Experience
Carol M.
Omaha, Nebraska
Our fridge was not making ice. Derek looked at a few options to see what was wrong. Derek kept me informed if his findings. He replaced the valve on the back of the fridge. It’s making solid ice cubes today.
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
Gary was on time and knew his stuff. Came prepared with a needed part. Went immediately to the shop for a part that was needed. He was well-spoken and courteous. Gave good advice about use of the dishwasher. Made us very happy that we had.purchased the Menards extended warranty to cover this expensive repair. Gary I. Was the best!! K
Overall Experience

Fun Fact

After spending World War II manufacturing military equipment and components for military airplanes, Maytag went back to manufacturing washing machines. In fact, for the next few decades, Maytag was washing machines, having created some of the first automatic residential washing machines in 1948, and originating the commercial coin-slide washers used in laundromats in 1958.