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Near Woodward, IA 50276
Job Details: 09/23/2021
"Customer complaint is that unit would he all of the time and never cycle the heater off. Found that this was being caused because a relay on the main board for the heating element was stuck open causing the heater to run at all times. Found that unit is going to need a main board and found at the board itself is discontinued, but found that the board could be sent to be re-fixed. Will need to repair the board, job denied. Job complete ; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 DC32-00007A THERMISTOR and 1 DC97-14486A HEATING ELEMENT COMPLETE("
We serviced a
Near Woodward, IA 50276
Job Details: 09/09/2021
Customer states that his ice maker stops working frequently. Inspected ice maker and saw some ice/frost build up inside. Temps were at 37 in frig and -2 in the freezer. Performed ice maker update under Samsung warranty. Tested ice maker and heard water entering. Please allow 24 hours for ice production to resume. Thanks for choosing Nebraska Home Appliance!; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 DA81-05595A RTV OEM DOW 3140 and 1 DA82-02695A ICEMKR UPDATE