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Near Weeping Water, NE 68463
Job Details: 07/30/2021
"Lock rings for burners,tool for lock rings, front face plate with the stickers what each button does. No burners ignite. Ovens work. No legs. Maybe will pay for legs. Wants new burners,spark module burner switches Rico figuring it out. Says he has 210 wtty also."
We serviced a
Near Weeping Water, NE 68463
Job Details: 06/14/2021
During inspection temperatures in the freezer were around 16? and fresh food was around 40?. There was heavy moisture buildup between the fresh food and dual freezer door mullion. Fresh food mullion heater was reading around 31 and freezer mullion heater was reading around 847 which was within specs. Unit did have a humidity sensor. Checked the sensor per GE and it was working properly. Contacted GE tech support and he recommended unplugging the humidity sensor due to the possible high humidity levels within the area. If the moisture buildup is still present within 24 to 48 hours than the unit will need a new main control board. I showed the customer on how gain access to the humidity sensor harness. If the issue is fix with the sensor unplugged per GE techline it is ok to leave it disconnected.
Weeping Water, Nebraska
I appreciated that he took the time to explain what he was doing and why.
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