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We serviced a
Model LFXS2766S
Near Slater, IA 50244
Job Details: 03/20/2023
"Unit pulled out and unplugged when arrived. Customer stated that unit had quit cooling completely. Plugged unit back in and compressor and fans are running. Compressor is noisy. Tapped into system and got high side pressure at 60 and low side at 51 indicating a failed compressor. Unit will need the compressor, and drier replaced. Estimate to repair is 1165.44. Repair approved. I reclaimed a full charge worth of refrigerant. I removed old compressor and drier from unit. I then installed and welded in new compressor and drier. Then proceeded to pressurize system with nitrogen to 200 psi. I checked all welds with bubble leak detector and no leaks were found. Next I vacuumed down the system for 15 minutes and achieved a 612 micron vacuum. I updated main pcb software for new compressor. After removing vacuum, pump the vacuum settled out at 1143 microns. Vacuum holding steady. I then recharged system with xxx oz of r134 a refrigerant. Unit is now running and beginning to blow cold air. Allow 24 hours for unit to cycle temps back down to normal. Job complete.; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 ADH73150210 DRIER UV 1 ADL73762004 EVAP , and 1 TCA38151706 R134 CMPRSR R134"
We serviced a
Near Slater, IA 50244
Job Details: 03/17/2023
Customer complaint is of intermittent buzzing during loads. Replaced roller and idler pulley. Buzz is quiet but still present. Ordering replacement motor + Drum and will return to complete repair.; ordrng 1 WE16X33977 (Blower Wheel) and 1 WE16X29713 (Blower housing) and 1 WE05X29706 (Motor Gasket) and 1 WH03X32157 (Motor) and 1 WE03X29704 (Belt) and 1 WE21X29764 (Drum)
We serviced a
Model RF28R6241SR/AA
Near Slater, IA 50244
Job Details: 01/19/2023
"Ice maker update complete; ice maker now functioning. ; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 DA81-05595A RTV OEM DOW 3140 1 DA97-12540G AUGER , 1 DA97-14474C ICE BCKT , and 1 DA97-15217D ICEMKR"
We serviced a
Model ADE4BRGS175TW01
Near Slater, IA 50244
Job Details: 01/04/2023
Inspected the unit and verified the issue. Found the high limit blown from an obstruction found in the vent. Removed obstruction and installed tco. Unit checks okay. ; used 1 D518542 (Tco) from stock
We serviced a
Model MVW7232HW0
Near Slater, IA 50244
Job Details: 11/16/2022
Return with parts. Replaced main board and found burn marks on the back of the front ui as well as a crack by area on front panel. Submitting ui for replacement approval. Will contact customer once approved and set up return appointment.; O-emld tckt