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We serviced a
Model 795.7904231
Near Prole, IA 50229
Job Details: 09/14/2021
"Customer complaints that unit was not cooling at all. Found that customer had left unit unplugged so I plug the unit in and found that the evaporator fan was operating properly and the compressor did turn on. I then pulled evaporator cover off to inspect the evaporator coils after 15 minutes of operation and found that there was no frost pattern at all and the coils were still warm after 15 minutes of operation. Found that unit is going to need a sealed system repair, Job denied. Told customer to call back if she would like to go through with repair. Job complete."
We serviced a
Near Prole, IA 50229
Job Details: 06/01/2021
23 e error condenser fan error. Found mouse stuck in the condenser fan blade. Mouse was removed and unit functioning properly. Job complete.