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We serviced a
Model RF27T5201SR/AA
Near Hartford, IA 50118
Job Details: 05/14/2021
"Customer complaint as a unit freezer was not making any ice whatsoever. I opened up the freezer door to inspect the icemaker to see why it was not making ice, found that there was not an icemaker in the freezer at all. Informed customer that the unit he bought did not have a freezer icemaker. I then looked in the French door icemaker and found that it did not have the correct update on the icemaker. I then did the correct update by putting in silicone and putting in a new icemaker and auger. I then ran a test cycle and confirm that unit is making ice and doing everything that it should be. Job complete; used 1 Da97-12540g (Auger), and 1 Da97-15217d (Ice maker) from stock"