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We serviced a
Model PSS93YP1FS
Near Elmwood, NE 68349
Job Details: 06/29/2021
"During inspection the unit would have abnormal keypad response. Pulled the unit and noticed it was wired up for a 3 wire setup, outlet is setup for a 4 wire setup. Fixed the wiring and ran the unit in a diagnostic mode via Newfi. Unit was displaying F codes for all of the control boards. Contacted GE techline and he recommended replacing all of the control boards including the user interface due to they all communicate together. Once the parts have been received office will call to reschedule.Thank you for choosing NHA be sure to leave us a google review! Ali! ; ordrng 1 WB27X36446 (STAINLESS CONTROL PANEL OVERLAY W/ WIFI BOARD) and 1 WB18X30745 (LEAD WIRE 14 GA GN) and 1 WB27X36445 (BOARD MACHINE CONTROL RC17 (FLASHED)) and 1 WB27X29202 (MACHINE CONTROL RELAY BOARD)"