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Nebraska Home Appliance is a family-owned and -operated business that was founded over 30 years ago. Today, Nebraska Home Appliance is a staple in the Omaha community and fast-growing ally to the Lincoln and Des Moines communities, providing fast and reliable appliance repair, maintenance and parts for all major brands. With a team of trusted, expert technicians, we have become Your Hometown Hero.

When it all began in 1988, the company was known as Nebraska Washer and Dryer Service, which was founded by Doug and Anne Carlson. Over the years, the business was operated from their home until it grew beyond the house’s capacities. The Carlsons added more employees and rented space in a storefront at 83rd and Blondo in Omaha. Today, you can find Nebraska Home Appliance in its current location at 830 S 75th Street, which allows for better service to customers seeking appliance parts.

Nebraska Home Appliance still remains a family–owned business, and in January 2011 the business was acquired by Doug Carlson’s grandson, Todd Daganaar, the current president.

Under Daganaar’s leadership, the business has grown an even stronger reputation for excellence with its customers and is proud to have expanded its outstanding service to the Lincoln and Des Moines communities.

“The commitment one feels to owning and operating a family business goes beyond 9 to 5. Our customers and staff are treated as family, and my grandfather wouldn’t have it any other way,” 

– Todd Daganaar

We don’t provide the best service in town for the awards, but the awards certainly don’t hurt.
Best of Omaha: 2021 First Place Winner, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017
Angie’s list: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013


Shannon G, Certified Appliance Technician

Shannon has over a decade of experience with Nebraska Home Appliance, and is one of our fastest technicians. When you’ve seen it all, it just doesn’t take as long. Shannon also enjoys laffy taffy and long walks on the beach.

Vince D, Director of Training

Vince the prince gained both the EPA certification for refrigeration and the Master Samurai Tech's appliance repair certificate. A double whammy! He loves playing with his son, working on his car, photography, and, of course, appliance repair. When asked about his hobbies he said, "We don't have time to mess around." Truly, a good guy.

Jacob L, Certified Appliance Technician

Jacob had a solid background in mechanical and manufacturing processes prior to his career in appliance repair, and in fact is even a certified forklift operator. This isn't needed for the job, but we were impressed!

Mike M, Certified Appliance Technician

Mike Marnik flies high and gets low. He's a skilled hobby pilot for remote controlled planes, and a fantastic technician. He's all about getting the job done right the first time, and loves spending time with family.

Derek I, Certified Appliance Technician

Derek is a master of sound and fury, as well as an avid outdoorsman. No detail is lost on Derek, and he will see the job through no matter what. He is a skilled and detailed technician.

Darrin S, Certified Appliance Technician

Darrin Schmid conquers every appliance challenge with a sense of adventure; he loves a challenge, indoors or out. As an avid outdoorsman, he understands the rugged truths of the world, in and out of your refrigerator.

Kyle A, Certified Appliance Technician

Kyle is no stranger to repair, with over 8 years of experience as an auto technician prior to his foray into the appliance world. As a Norfolk native, Kyle brings his small-town demeanor to give an excellent service experience throughout the Omaha area.

Jake D, Certified Appliance Technician

So basically Jake takes a very speedy approach to appliance repair, and is always on time. As an automotive tech prior to his appliance experience, Jake understands what it means to deliver reliable repairs, and always delivers on his promises.

Austin L, Certified Appliance Technician

Austin swoops through repairs with such speed and quality, you might read about it in the weekly world news. When other techs can't find the issue, Austin locates those problems by mysterious means, coaxing hidden issues to the surface, as if he can see in the dark.

Ali Z, Certified Appliance Technician

Ali is a great appliance technician, though his background was in medical equipment previously. Any time you need some wit with your appliance rehabilitation, look no further than Ali.

Kevin S, Certified Appliance Technician

Kevin is one of few technicians that went to college for appliance repair. He's a trained technician, practicing the craft for quite a long time with precision and care.

Remy H, Customer Service Representative

Remy is a very patient, and kind customer service rep here at Nebraska Home Appliance. She formerly worked with children, which gives her the remarkable ability to be patient with her coworkers!

David K, Certified Appliance Technician

David is a lover of all things mechanical, and has been repairing professionally for over a decade. A dedicated repairman; you can always be assured that David will fix it right.

Travis M, Certified Appliance Technician

There are only two things you need to know about Travis- he takes the loyal program at Dunkin Donuts very seriously, and he's also a very serious technician in terms of his training and abilities.

Dane H, Customer Service Representative

Dane keeps a positive and friendly outlook and demeanor. With experience in our appliance parts department, he brings product knowledge to our customers when scheduling service appointments.

Shelli M, Customer Service Representative

Shelli is exceptionally gifted at connecting with customers, and will always go to bat to ensure the right thing is done. She also enjoys competing athletically in our office fitness competitions, and she closes down those rings like they're a Kenny Chesney concert.

Debbie L, Customer Service Representative

Debbie possesses the unusual ability to empathize constantly. She's great at identifying the resolving customers' problems, and does whatever it takes to care for her customers as if they were family. Debbie is one of the true heroes at Nebraska Home Appliance, fighting against any perceived injustice to make things right for the customer.

Greg H, Parts Department Manager

Greg rules the parts department with over 30 years of experience in the appliance parts supply chain. When he's not counting motor couplings, he loves to spend quality time with his grandchildren. Greg's experience truly makes him an asset to our company, and our customers.

Rico E, Service Manager

Enrique (Rico) Espinoza Jr. laughs his way through the day, making a broken appliances a mere speed bump for his customers. As a service manager, nothing gives him more joy than fixing customer's problems. Nothing gets him down, and he can fix anything you put in front of him. Truly, he is a character and a joy to converse with.

Todd D, President

Todd has been fixing appliances since he was two. He has been fixing appliances successfully since he was about 16. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, majoring in religious studies and focusing on Sanskrit and Indology. He has a wonderful wife, two dogs (one of which is also wonderful), and two objectively amazing daughters.