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Refrigerator Repair & Condenser Cleaning in Omaha, NE

Is your refrigerator in need of a repair, condenser cleaning or tune-up? Nebraska Home Appliance offers Omaha’s best refrigerator repair and condenser cleaning services.

Symptoms that your refrigerator needs repair:

  • The refrigerator seems to be running more often than it did previously
  • Frost or ice buildup is present in the freezer, particularly on the back wall
  • The sides of the refrigerator seem to be getting unusually hot
  • You can’t remember the last time the condenser was cleaned
  • Refrigerator is leaking water onto the floor
  • Something else just doesn’t seem quite right

Why it’s important to have your refrigerator serviced every 6 months:

  • Dirty condensers mean the refrigerator is more expensive to operate. Lots of wasted energy goes into cooling when the condenser is plugged or blocked, just like wearing a heavy sweater in the summer. Give your refrigerator a breath of fresh air!
  • Little problems become big problems when ignored. Allowing the unit to operate dirty is taxing on all the components of the refrigerator, resulting in longer runs times, and components failing earlier.

Nebraska Home Appliance has the tools and the expertise to keep your appliances running smoothly. In fact, we just signed a contract to be a Sub-Zero Factory-Certified Servicer, which is a great honor. We are also proud factory certified servicers for other top refrigerator manufacturers, offering: LG refrigerator repair, Electrolux refrigerator repair, Frigidaire refrigerator repair, Magic Chef refrigerator repair, GE refrigerator repair, Samsung refrigerator repair, and Liebherr refrigerator repair.

Our expert technicians will evaluate your refrigerator and let you know if changes are needed. If you’re not sure that you need a cleaning, call us at 402-399-0202 and speak to one of our expert technicians for advice. We are here to help!

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