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 Do you have a Speed Queen laundry appliance that needs service? Our certified technicians have been servicing Omaha’s Speed Queen appliances since 1988. With 25 years of experience, we can fix them right the first time. For your convenience, we carry a full–line of Speed Queen appliance parts ready for pick-up at our Omaha location, or shipped directly to you!

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A Brief History on Speed Queen

Speed Queen started in 1908 by comparing the washers out on the market, and then deciding if they were going to innovate. What they found is that people simply needed a better washer. Currently, Alliance Laundry manufactures Speed Queen Appliances in Ripon, Wisconsin, where they still have the same dependable design that ensures long-term durability, unlike many of the plastic, lightweight appliances of today.

Speed Queen appliances are built to last, one of the only appliances left out there with a fantastic warranty, and an unmatched build quality. Just pick one up, and you’ll see the difference! However, everything breaks down eventually, and when it does, there is no one better than Nebraska Home Appliances to get you back on track. We’ve been servicing Speed Queen appliance since day one, so all of our technicians are fully equipped to fix any of your home appliance needs!

If your Speed Queen washer has a water leak, or your Alliance washer or dryer is not accepting coins, call Nebraska Home Appliance. We’ve got the tools, the knowledge behind Speed Queen products, and the customer service to ensure your every appliance need!

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