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Is your Samsung appliance acting up? Nebraska Home Appliance has been servicing home appliances in the greater Omaha area since 1988, and now we’ve added the entire Samsung kitchen and laundry appliance lines to our service portfolio. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in diagnosing and repairing anything that might go wrong with your Samsung appliance, so give us a call at the first sign of trouble.

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A Brief History of Samsung

Global electronics and manufacturing giant Samsung started out as a small trading company in 1938, selling noodles and dried seafood in Korea. From that humble beginning Samsung has evolved into a brand that resonates with global leadership in various industries including IT, shipbuilding, engineering, transportation, consumer electronics and appliances, and many more.

In the early 1970s, Samsung entered the home electronics market by producing black-and-white television sets and soon thereafter began producing home refrigerators and washing machines. By the end of the decade, Samsung had moved on to microwave products and had expanded into the international marketplace.

Over the years, Samsung Electronics has concentrated on developing environmentally friendly kitchen and laundry appliance products and has incorporated sophisticated digital technology into its appliance products to enhance consumers’ quality of life with the ultimate in convenience and style.

Whatever may be out of kilter with your Samsung appliance, Nebraska Home Appliance is Omaha’s premier servicer of Samsung appliances. Nebraska Home Appliance technicians are trained to handle any situation, so please call to talk to one of our experienced staff about how we can help.

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