Nebraska Home Appliance: Omaha’s Factory Certified Sub-Zero Service Expert

September 24, 2015

Shannon GoeddeFrom time to time we like to give a little shout-out to one of NHA’s expert repair techs. This time we’ve selected our in-house Sub-Zero refrigerator repair expert Shannon Goedde for that recognition.

Shannon has been in the appliance repair business for 15 years and has worked on Sub-Zeroes nearly that entire time. He even remembers the first Sub-Zero he serviced: “I made short work of it,” he says with justifiable pride.

That confidence speaks volumes about Shannon’s skill — talent, we call it — for diagnosing and fixing any problem that may arise with your Sub-Zero appliance. He seems to know instinctively (and from extensive experience, of course) what’s wrong and how to make it right.

Shannon’s interest in Sub-Zero appliances started early in his career. About the time he came on board, we saw opportunity for Nebraska Home Appliance to provide expert, factory certified Sub-Zero service to the Omaha area. With an opportunity to grow in the company, Shannon responded with his usual go-getter attitude. “I couldn’t wait to expand my skill set into servicing premium appliances. I’m happy to say that it’s become one of my specialties,” he says.

His customers know they can rely on Shannon for good preventive advice as well as excellent service when their appliances need repair. To keep repair calls to a minimum, Shannon recommends, first and foremost, regular condenser cleaning. “Out of sight, out of mind,” he observes, “but it’s one of the most important things a Sub-Zero owner can do to keep their units in top running condition. Excessive heat from a dirty condenser effects the unit’s performance. Built-up lint acts as an insulator and keeps your refrigerator from performing efficiently.” Door gasket cleaning is also often neglected, he says, and that can cause buildup of residues that can allow warm air to enter the compartment, causing the motor to work overtime.

Shannon advises owners of older Sub-Zero products to look for early signs that service is needed, to prevent serious problems: “Pay attention to the ‘Clean Condenser’ light and the ‘Call for Service’ indicator. They’re there for a good reason,” Shannon counsels.

And of course if the unit isn’t cooling properly, the ice maker quits or your ice cream melts, or the motor makes strange noises, it’s time to call your hometown heroes at NHA so Shannon or one of our other trained Sub-Zero repair techs can ease your appliance troubles.

Update, 8/17/16: Thanks to the expertise of techs like Shannon, Nebraska Home Appliance has been named a Factory Certified Servicer by Sub-Zero and Wolf. Read more about what it means to be Factory Certified.