Nebraska Home Appliance Washer / Dryer Buying Guide 2015

October 19, 2015

Did you know October is one of the best times to buy a new washer and dryer? New models are released every October, so dealers and distributors are eager to clear their inventory of last year’s models to make way for the new crop. Our own Todd Daganaar, owner of Nebraska Home Appliance, is an expert when it comes to appliances. As someone who has maintained and repaired just about every brand out there, he’s in a good position to know makes and models that will be perfect for every budget and household. Here are his recommendations:

Samsung WF56H9100AG front load washerPremium Brand Washer: Samsung front load washer (WF56H9100AG or similar — Approx $1300)Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology makes it the best option for a main floor laundry. Models like this one also offer best in class capacities. Runner up would be LG front load washers.

Frigidaire FFFW5000QW Front Load WasherMidrange Washer: Frigidaire Front Load Washer (FFFW5000QW or similar — Approx $600)Frigidaire has one of the oldest and best proven designs for a front load-washer, without frills. They make a very solid entry-level front load washer that far exceeds the discount designs.

Discount Washer: Amana Top Load Washer (NTW4605EW or similar — Approx $350)

These machines take Whirlpool’s latest top-load washer technology, strip out the extra features, and sell them at a relative discount. They aren’t amazing machines, but they are a solid offering at this price.

TurboSteam DryerPremium Brand Dryer: LG TurboSteam Dryer (DLEX7700VE or similar — Approx $1500)

With their massive capacities and standard features, LG dryers deliver some of the most feature-rich and durable designs. Samsung is a close runner up in the dryer market, producing a very similar dryer with comparable build quality.

Speed Queen ADE3SRGS173TW01Midrange Dryer: Speed Queen (ADE3SRGS173TW01 or similar — Approx $700)

While the Speed Queen dryers aren’t flashy, they’ve been producing the same time-tested design in Ripon Wisconsin for decades. These durable workhorse machines will rarely disappoint, though they are lacking in bells and whistles.

Discount Dryer: Amana Dryer (NED4655EW or similar — Approx $350)

Like the company’s washers, Amana dryers take Whirlpool’s technology, strip out all the fun stuff, and leave behind a very affordable machine. They are lacking in EVERY bell and whistle but are fairly durable for the cost, especially compared to competitors in the same price range. Our recommendation, of course, is to buy a better machine at a higher price (or to repair your current dryer and save yourself some money.)

Samsung Washer Dryer Combo WF45H6300AW/DV45H6300EWPremium Brand Combo: Tie, depending on where the machine is installed. If in a main floor laundry room, Samsung’s front load pair (WF45H6300AW/DV45H6300EW) will perform the best with the fewest balance issues. On a solid concrete floor, LG may outperform the Samsung. Both machines are similarly built and well made. In either case, pedestals will make both machines more usable and accessible.

Speed Queen Top Load Washer and Dryer ComboMidrange Combo: Speed Queen top load washer and dryer set.

Durable and reliable. Nothing fun here, just hard working, basic, 30-year-old-design washers and dryers. Great for the basement, not ideal in a main floor laundry. But that’s OK — you won’t be showing these babies off.

Discount Combo: Amana top load pair (NTW4605EW & NED4655EW)

For all the same reasons noted above, Amana makes the best low-end washers, but don’t expect a lifetime of use.

Can’t you already just smell the heartwarming scent of fresh laundry from your new washer and dryer? It’s time to go shopping! Visit our friends at Nebraska Furniture Mart and let them know Nebraska Home Appliance sent you. Just remember, when your new (or old) washer and dryers need repair, we’ve got you covered.